Good tmes, bed times ...
Air Condition (Poland, 1981)
      "Du gleichst dem Geist, den du begreifst, nicht mir!"
"Świadomość, że gdzieś jest ktoś, kto mimo dzielącej odległości lub nie wyrażonych myśli,
wyczuwa twą obecność, przemienia tę ziemię w raj." Nie wiem, czy Ziemię przemienia,
a już zupełnie nie mam pojęcia, czy kiedykolwiek przemieni, ale mnie lżej z tym żyć
i umierać ... Without music and songs, the world would be completely unbearable.
Dzięki, Malèna. o)(*Red

Tom Igor Borucki, made in Poland

made in World :o)
... And would you want an unconscious soldier to win freedom for you?
And are not you ashamed? :o/ If it only could help ...
I bet my future life on it, ok?
Marek BoruckiBoruckiBoruckiBorucki
(16) And I will pray the Father, and he shall give you another Comforter,
that he may abide with you for ever; (17) [Even] the Spirit of truth; (26)
But the Comforter, [which is] the Holy Ghost ...(=Spirit of truth=true simply)
(Ew. Jana 14:16,17,26; King James Version)
And now this worse news:
If the Jews want peace with the Arabs,BoruckiBoruckiBoruckiBorucki
in my opinion they should get along with the Turks, and not with the Anglo-Saxons, yes, Katie? :o) How do you want, but Palestine belonged to Turkey before the Britons appeared there, ok? All wise people want peace, but they do not want to tell the truth. Is not it a incoinsystency by itself, what? :o/ Well, the truth and logic matters on this planet, if thanks to this you can dig someone, not for the beauty of the truth and logic. It is a pity, but on the other hand, life is difficult, and without cheating it is difficult to get a living. :o/ Simply by means of lies and deception the intended goals are achieved more easily. :o/ This is the truth and all conscious nature uses it. :o/ That "She" would be stupid if she not use it, right? Well, unfortunately, but it is logical. :o/ Katie also deceived me, beautifully. :o. And what's the best to do with it? :o/ I do not know. This is a very strong logical law. In any case, cutting off your hands did not help. :o) Even heaven cheats us ... :o/ I think only death puts an end to it. :o) Either way, the true history of Europe and the world is recorded in the archives of the Vatican. There is someon who interesting about that, eh? - he, he.

How do you think, but in my opinion it should be done by Germans. Seriously. Otherwise the Truth will not let this shame disappear. Dein Wille.
BoruckiBoruckiBoruckiBorucki ...?BoruckiBoruckiBorucki

If anyone have ever would asked me if I had been here ... Yes, I came, I saw, and nothing what is human was not alien to me, Jenny, okay? By the way. My son went to Australia. Forever. :o/ I think I like Lleyton Hewitt even more, and Pat Cash, and Patrick Rafter, and Coyote. :o) Of course also AC/DC, BEE GEES (I always thought they were Australians - he, he), David Bowie, Aboriginal, kangaroos and necessarily Kylie ♥ and Mirusia. Wait a minute ... And the Mount Kościuszko? Are not you curious what he said? There are no the major thoughts in the English version. :o/
BoruckiAustralia has become my third homeland, Judit :o), just like to my son and my Brother, ok?BoruckiBorucki Only humanism reconciles believers with non-believers, yes? And the vipers are protected?
War and "or" peace? :o/ What do you think about it, Ela?
Still In Warsaw. Excuse me, please.

In the face of friendship even the truth itself is pale, or genius, including democracy, since even the opinion of the majority does not change anything much there. And yet it is difficult to accept a regular liar as a friend, right? Finally, let's stop lying to each other at the end, and it will certainly be much better on our planet, ok? Wolves notice if someone in the herd treated him unfairly, chimpanzees can even see how another individual is treated unfairly. Neither good nor evil have entered this world through the human. We have only the opportunity to opt for one or the other. That's all.

Goethe, Konopnicka, Pasolini, Schopenhauer, Sokrates, Muhammad, Gandhi, Kant, Nietzsche, Luther King, Ajahn Brahm ...
Gott mit uns ... ^`Borucki

Jesus raised every willing human to the dignity of the son of God. I have not invent it.
To whom does not fit it and why?! :o/ I am wondering that neither the enslavement of Blacks, nor the holocaust of the Indians and Jews, nor colonialism, nor even fascism did not interfered them excessively, right? This is very strange, do not you think? :o/ And they still call themselves "the deputies of Jesus on the Earth", and even "fathers". :o/ FATHERS ...
It turns out that it most does not fit to them, the so-called "priests of God." But why exactly, what? That is the question! :o) There is the fable only or true, the question remains justified. Question about human dignity in general ... also. And do not ask me if I'm completely mentally healthy, okay? - he, he. It will change, Jenny, change ... everything. Take this spirit from Jesus and then let somebody try to kill you. I'm not anything special, okay? Exactly. And besides, it's worth to fall in love at least once in time of your life. Even if Katie does not love me, she knows me, right? :o) And although I am a born coward, I can not be afraid right now, because what would she think about me, right? - he, he. It works, seriously. Anyway, I like people, in spite of all. Genius or friend-ship? :o/ Peace and love be with all of you, my Dear! ... Turn Off The Light. Amen.

Oh, because I would have forgotten. The last question. When we lie more, when we cooperate with each other, or when we compete? So as more rivalry there is, more it pays to lie,
and the lies lead to war. Well, how to break this vicious circle? Forgive me, Katie, but I do not know. :o) It's a bit like with the so-called "prime numbers". Already, you already know, and in a moment you do not know anything again. :o/ Okay, we already know something, right? I hope so. :o)(o:
- Czesiu Miłosz - :o) Miracle. Death is fun, seriously - he, he. Ah, life ... Kazik? Oh, kurwa ...

Borucki Look. However, we have met, and the point in time and space does not much matter, right?

Katie? :o/:o) Now you already know ... everything that I know, ok? I am not a Muslim terrorist, but only a Muslim ... humanist, okay?
... ok?
Have not you seen the good God? Really? Look how people love each other. That's all ...

The truth ... it is or not, we will overcome them, real or imaginary. I would ask them about their art, music and in general how they express their feelings. These cereal wheels are too little in my opinion to impress us, right? :o) Shah and checkmate, yes, Katie? - he, he. If it were or not there, I'd like to see their women also, you know, just in case. :o.
And how do you think, Norah, what will win, the strength of cannons or the power of truth and feeling? :o/ :o.
small lakes
ω Eve, tell me, what does the Catholic Church have to do with the truth? :o/ Let they declassify the archives of the Vatican. BoruckiBorucki

blue ...

BoruckiBoruckiBorucki ζ Don't Blame Your Daughter, please. BoruckiBorucki
There are no creatures more capable and more interesting than the children of the God himself, in the entire cosmos, okay? And more beautiful, but it only to women applies. Excuse me, guys. :o)
BoruckiHeartbreak Hotel?

Is it scandal ?! The truth is worse then a lie ...? :o/ Yes, there are situations ...
Is it true that we gather around the words more then around a body? Depends when? :o/
And besides, I'm disappearing ... and I'm not going to bother anybody anymore.
Yes, people are disappearing, but words remain, right? Bye.
BoruckiBorucki :o._/)
I'm tired, forgive me. It's Now Or Never. Ah, life ...
Katie? And this ... And when we meet in this Paradise, what will we going to do there, eh? The same as here? :o/ No, but you know ... And ... so only the landscapes will change, right?
People will not change? :o/ So nothing will change in total? On the one hand it's good, but I'm wondering. Hmm ... The same ... Sorry, but I see it something poorly. :o/
So everything will remain as it was, only this will now be called "The Paradise"?
And what currency will be in force, the dollar or the euro? - he, he.
Jesus reportedly once said:
... The kingdom of God cometh not with observation: Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you. :o/
And John said:
And hast made us, unto our God, kings and priests: and we shall reign on the earth.

I would like to agree with John if Jesus would like to free us from the bankers ... and from bailiffs also. Ah, the death is freeing us ...

Well, beautifully - he, he. But seriously. Was he wrong with this kingdom? :o/ Do what you want, but I can still see and hear them.
It's enough to look at you, Dear ones. :o) Either way, there are enough people from which Jesus can build Paradise. Let he build. Or maybe it has already been built? Who knows, maybe. And if it is, he should be back soon. :o) Come back, Yeshua, come back, you have really many real friends here. Amen.

Gosia, pardon, I'm kidding. :o) I love Ozzie, okay? Seriously. Okay. I would like to calm my opponents. Beloved, you are not fighting with me, but with the Truth. :o) I wish you all luck. Seriously. Relaxing Coffee JAZZ. The truth is everywhere ... Everywhere,
Mr. Trump. I have not heard yet that any empire have last forever, the Jews. You already must a reason to kill me like John Lennon, right? I have been ready for this for a long time, Jerusalem. Let everything that must going to happend, let be fulfilled.
"For, lo, I will command, and I will sift the house of Israel among all nations, like as [corn] is sifted in a sieve, yet shall not the least grain fall upon the earth." (Ks. Amosa 9:9, King James Version)
You will lose your homeland once again because you do not care about the truth. The US will not help you, because they will get into trouble himself.
Do you think Bolesław Prus was a poor observer of life? Or maybe he was a liar, huh?
BoruckiYou are the descendants of the Phoenicians, and wherever you appear with those your own money, you create mafia systems, something like Sicilians in the USA. And people who notice it, you call anti-Semites and you spit on them. It's very convenient. You bribe or liquidate the resistors. You have mastered the United States, which you yourself have created to fight the European aristocracy. Yes, I know, there are Jews and Jews.
In the end Jesus was a Jew, likewise Jehudi Menuchin, :o) who not only played the violin beautifully, but who was above all a human.I like them very much, Anoushka♥
Borucki So the US does what suits you, and European families are in debt at you higher their ears. In short, you shape this world that reflects what you have in your sick minds. :o/ The rest of the Jews, on the other hand, sit quietly, surely out of fear. And all this brothel is guarded by the American army. These are the facts. With the money you invented, you mastered the world, specifically "the Christian world." The rest did not give up, because their gods were stronger than JHWH? Mohammed looked through you and understood. However, the followers of Jesus in Europe turned out to be fools. :o/
But Poles were the greatest fools of all. Because they were fooled not only by Jews but also by the Vatican.And finally by the EU, as if that one was not enough.
You have initiated a war in Europe, at least the last one, to "encourage" poorer compatriots to live in kibbutzh a newly created Israel. And you, through Zbigniew Brzezinski, created the so-called "Islamic Terrorism" in 1976. Sorry, Katie, but that's all true.
Borucki Can I be an anti-Semite, eh? After all, I fell in love with the Jewish woman, right? :o) Ah, life ... No, you're not the first Jew I've come to love. Money is not such a bad idea either - he, he. It turns out that in Israel there is not only a lack of oil, what the British and Americans had counted on, but there is a shortage of water, right? :o/ Do you want to move back to Ukraine? And build a new Khazaria here, what? You can kill me, but it will not work. Well, Russia would have to be defeated, ok? :o) In any case, we already know now where this obsession with defeating Russia in the west is coming from, right? Ah, those Jews ...

Katie, I am wondering, who led the Anders army out of the USSR, in order to instead of Moscow and Leningrad or Stalingrad, the Polish soldier would defend the British oil fields in the Middle East. Anders turned out to be a Soviet agent. He issued a death sentence on General Berling, which fortunately did not approve by Sosnkowski. In any case, it weakened the USSR. Would Stalin been such a fool? :o/ I do not think so. Let's combine the facts.
1) American banks finance the coming of Adolf Hitler to power.
2) Germans hit Poland, that is to the east.
3) The Vatican did not protest, quite the contrary.
4) In the wider plan, which historians prefer to remain silent, there is a dispute over the idea of capitalism with the communist idea. The Italian fascists and then the Nazis in Germany break up the communist movement. Capitalists in the west were rather not worried about that, right, Katie? :o) After all, you studied international relations - he, he.
5) Germany quickly take up France. :o/ Sure some people in the west were a bit sober, but only a bit.
6) Adolf finally hits the USSR. And the capitalists in America breathed a sigh of relief or not? That is the question!?

Hint: They take a breath, but not for long - he, he. The USSR's extermination was in the plans of American bankers, but Adolf, more than the USSR and Russian princesses :o), needed oil for their tanks. And this could not be liked by America and England, who have invested heavily in oil in the Middle East, where Adolf was just going. :o) Ah, life ...
And what, General Rommel went to Africa to burn his German pallor in the rays of the African sun?
The second blow came from Europe to the Caucasus. And the jokes are over, Katie - he, he.
And by the way, what was Ernest doing in Spain? :o/ Probably he was interested in Spanish girls. :o)
Borucki  Opty Group. Leonid is a Russian name, right? And you do not like him anymore, just like Blacks or
  gender? :o/ And do you like a silk? Or Jedwabne? And roses? And what about communism? :o/ And why not? :o)
  Quite rightly we do not like what hurts us. And Slavic songs? And the Slavs? :o) I prefer a Jewess there - he, he. They are much smarter, and there is no lack of beauty, especially with Slavic genes. Okay, and what about this communism? A lot to say, and I will not dispel your doubts anyway. Let everyone stay with this what know about it. And now I have a question for you.

What is worse, in your opinion, fascism or communism? You do not have to justify the answer, ok?

In any case, communism changed the relationships of production. How has it influenced the attitude of employers to workers? I send those interested to literature. :o) One thing is certain, that the world of capital did not like to communism, because it could not for obvious reasons. The Vatican also could not like communism, although, paradoxically, the first Christians lived in communes and priests recommend communion ... European aristocracy has long been sensitized to communism, why nobody seems to be surprised, right? :o) The power of evil on the one. :o/ In such conditions World War II was initiated and played. Fascism in Germany, fascism in the USSR, and the rest of the world.
I wonder when the KGB recruited General Anders ... His death sentence on General Berling might have been, to reverse any suspicions. In any case, the Poles made a big mistake and they were completely without honor. Whose command was executed by General Anders, Stalin or Churchill?
:o/ Would was Stalin determined to protect the British oil fields in the Middle East? :o) He was not stupid, maybe he got something from the USA and Great Britain for it. For this example, a lot of weapons instead of a weakly armed Polish army. In any case, the Poles have always been, they
are and probably will fools forever. :o/ That's the climate we have in Poland already, i.e. variable. :o) Fever in Moscow, in Poland a gale. Someone fart in Washington, in Poland a storm, etc., etc. Well, just there is happen when a nation pledge its mind in the Vatican or in London or Moscow, one devil. And I do not see a way to unlearn Poles something that. Sorry, Dorry. Nothing more from me in this topic here. Oh, I did not know Tatiana. :o. Wot, wot. :o) Waiting For The Miracle ...

Borucki"Antyrosyjska obsesja Brzezińskiego w 1976 roku skłoniła go do podsycenia pożaru islamskiego fundamentalizmu, który promował jako największy bastion przeciwko sowieckiemu komunizmowi. […] Brzeziński poszukiwał centrum, z którego islamski fundamentalizm w najbardziej uwstecznionym wydaniu mógłby spenetrować miękkie południowe podbrzusze ZSRR. Przestrzeń pomiędzy południową granicą Rosji i wybrzeżem Oceanu Indyjskiego stała się dla Brzezińskiego << łukiem kryzysu >> i możemy mu podziękować za będące jego dziełem okropności, które trwają tam do dnia dzisiejszego. […]"
Why trees are silent ...
People are like living trees, they feel wounds, but they can not understand you, even centuries-old oaks ...
I do not want to hurt you, Eve. I am counting on you as a historian interested in the truth, okay? And if Jesus has anticipated some reward for me, it belongs to You, Princess of the Truth.
And in general, the Jews are divided into American Jews and European Jews, and they compete with each other, but to certain limits, it is to be understood. And now that. Without mentioning names, some Polish authorities are in the pocket of those and some of the other. And the good Jewish God blesses both sides. :o)

It is not Allah or Arab thought, but Jewish-Anglo-Saxon meanness has ignited the so-called "Islamic terrorism." :o/
I dedicate this chess-game to Judit Polgar, okay Ω ?


21`03`2018 ^oo^ 00:01 :o/
If there is any fair God, I do not know how He intends to forgive you, Israel ...
And what if I would gave my eternal life instead you? I give it, Katie, for You, Andromeda, for an eternal memento. Ah, those Jews ... :o/ Just do not think that I am so magnanimous. Living eternally without Katie does not have such a great value for me, okay? :o)

And so besides. You want to reconcile, but somehow it fails ... No one wants a war, but they keep repeating themselves, despite the unpleasant experiences. Think about whether it is great for a capital. And excuse me, but I do not see the solution to this riddle, Alicia ...:o/, ok? :o) And I do not whether the competition is so healthy for us to worship it like some good God America ...Borucki BoruckiBorucki Borucki

YES ^`

NEW WORLD (Under the Credit) EVery Day
Borucki 1977 o)(*
BoruckiBorucki \

Did you mean: Katie, let me say something, but I'm silent, okay?

I got stuck in the mud, Dear ... To this place I had enough strength that you gave me, Spark. Thanks.
The inertia of this world is overwhelming ... It's like fighting a road roller (for fists :o). Enough!

"Der Himmel hat den Menschen als Gegengewicht gegen die vielen Mühseligkeiten (des Lebens) drei Dinge gegeben: Die Hoffnung, den Schlaf und das Lachen" - Immanuel Kant

Dodirni me slucajno ...
BoruckiBorucki :o. /)
It was a long day ... Ok.

Beloved, this all is nothing, always the best is ... Jarek and PiS. :o)
I hate sincerely the Catholic church, but it's already better to vote for the so-called "father" Rydzyk. Seriously. At least Pole - he, he. Ah, Jerusalem, my Jerusalem ...
And now I'm puting forward this bold thesis, what is it for me :o). That not Jews was, but Poles are a people chosen by God - ha, ha! If I'm still alive a little, I'll prove it to you. And you do not really have a Jew or a Greek in God's family, but only humanists. Seriously. Because first and foremost, the good God is not a Jew, but exactly Humanist. No one in their right mind, especially a sensitive heart, should have any doubts about it. Yes, I testify it to all people on this planet; Slav and a Pole from Warsaw. Girls, and now pray to good God that He would not give me any power, beause then I will teach all wrigglers the Gospel of this Jew at a really rapid pace. :o) Amen.
BoruckiBoruckiBoruckiBoruckiBorucki Is there a ban on Sunday trading somewhere in the world, huh? In North Korea? :o/Borucki
And besides, Jesus commanded to celebrate Saturday. Seriously. Yes, as the Jews celebrate. :o.

Is it Hybris?!
(17) Think not that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfil. (18) For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled. (19) Whosoever therefore shall break one of these least commandments, and shall teach men so, he shall be called the least in the kingdom of heaven: but whosoever shall do and teach [them], the same shall be called great in the kingdom of heaven. (20) For I say unto you, That except your righteousness shall exceed [the righteousness] of the scribes and Pharisees, ye shall in no case enter into the kingdom of heaven. (Ew. Mateusza 5:17-20, King James Version)

However, I recommend that you celebrate from Friday to Sunday. :o) Peace to people of good will in all the world and forever!
Maher, Tell Him, please ...

Igor Borucki (Wine'tou:)

Ps. No one has ever been and will be infallible. That's not the point.
The so-called "liberal" and so-called the "opposition" attacks the Church, and the Jew Kaczyński "defends". There is formed in simple people willingness to vote for the PiS, which is probably hard for Dziwisz, right? Take create a real Catholic party, and certainly many things will be explained straight away. The problem is that the Vatican is controlled by Freemasonry, which is controlled by Jews.
Francis tries to be nice, but he performs the orders of Masons, that is, a total of Jews. But there is also the advice on it, in English queen. Good luck!
At least there will be interesting in the Sejm - he, he.
Even if you kill all people, this shame will not let you live normally.
I am very sorry, Katie. :o/ And what's interesting in the Mossad? :o)
He has no croak on Warszawiak ...
That's all.
Katie? So what are we showing cards? - he, he.
Ah, life ...

Jarek? Good God has provided for your help, but not by me. In total, you are lucky, brother.
Go where you really fucked the case, okay?
And You My Love ...
UFF! ...
Does anyone want to talk to me, huh? I thought so.
Well, it's nice! - ok?
But you, beautiful ... And that is ..., you know ...
Yes, I really love you
Baśka too ...
You know, that's how it is with the guys ...
And no one will take it away from me, that is, friendship, right?
Thanks. That's what I fought for, Dear. This world is not worth any of you.
:o)You did not do anything so bad. This world is bad, ok?
Yes, I still love her.

Ah, because I would forget again. I have goggled a little ... :o)
Jehovah's Witnesses say with complete certainty that they know the name of God, that is, "JHWH." (6) I have manifested thy name unto the men which thou gavest me out of the world: thine they were, and thou gavest them me; and they have kept thy word. (26) And I have declared unto them thy name, and will declare [it]: that the love wherewith thou hast loved me may be in them, and I in them. (Ew. Jana 17:6,26, King James Version)

Did Jews not known the name "JHWH" beforehand ?! :o/ Yeah! Was the prophet Russell wrong? :O/
Probably he did not read it, or there were other reasons. Anyway, Jehovah's Witnesses are out of the game, right, Katie? :O)

The Final Countdown


Holy Grail?
A cup of living blood. House of the Spirit ...

(24) God that made the world and all things therein, seeing that he is Lord of heaven and earth, dwelleth not in temples made with hands; (25) Neither is worshipped with men's hands, as though he needed any thing, seeing he giveth to all life, and breath, and all things; (26) And hath made of one blood all nations of men for to dwell on all the face of the earth, and hath determined the times before appointed, and the bounds of their habitation; (27) That they should seek the Lord, if haply they might feel after him, and find him, though he be not far from every one of us: (28) For in him we live, and move, and have our being; as certain also of your own poets have said, For we are also his offspring. (Dzieje Apost. 17:24-28, King James Version)

Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and [that] the Spirit of God dwelleth in you? :o/
(1 list do Koryntian 3:16, King James Version)

So what do you want to offer to God, what service, what "Holy Mass" in what churches, what? :o/


Man - it is a holy thing, which nobody is allowed to hurt - Stefan Żeromski, Poland
Source: volume II, ch. Pilgrim

Patty? :o)

Ann? Tell me how to win with you, huh? :o/
And this is what's happening, YES?
I would tell you something else, but not in this world, okay?

Okay. I won and I do not want anything. Strange, but it's true.

BoruckiAllah defends nothing you, just do not hurt each other, okay?
Yes, it happened in Paris, I think so, Katie. :o) Tell me ...
that in New York, and I will believe.
Such Warsaw.
Holy place, Your hearts.

Igor BoruckiIgor BoruckiIgor BoruckiIgor BoruckiIgor BoruckiJam LOVE? Igor Borucki
I would not like to be unpleasant for the British, but what actually prevents us from declassifying British archives from the Second World War period concerning Poland, eh? :o/ You probably already see it ... right? :o)
Igor Borucki Igor Borucki Igor BoruckiIgor Borucki
Fucking technique ... Slow down the pace, please. :o)

Igor BoruckiIgor BoruckiIgor Borucki
Joan? I was born in October and you? - he, he. Oh my God! What a coincidence ... :o. Well ... I love to be with you, and that's all. Amen.
Yours is this piece of the floor. Do not give it to the bishops, you son of God. :o)(o:

Igor BoruckiIgor Borucki

Brother and Sister, do not give in to the impression. I taught at school for 25 years. And I know a bit of spells, ok? Look for the truth on your own,
because no one will excuse you if you neglect it. Even me. Forgive me, but it will not change anything. :o/ Gott mit uns. Hmm ... Δ = b2 - 4*ac? :o) -`@'-
Igor Borucki
Ask what you want. Igor Borucki
Someone defeated someone. That is for sure. But who's who? :o. That is the question!
Igor Borucki Igor Borucki
Ich hoffe es ist nicht ich - he, he. :o/

^` t h a n k s :o/ to You, ok? Oh, yes! p l e a s e ..., Protect Poland.Igor Borucki

Katie? I'll go even higher if you want, okay? :o) Allah knows that. He must know that, right?
Igor BoruckiIgor BoruckiIgor Borucki

I think so - he, he. Ah, life ...
Igor BoruckiIgor BoruckiIgor BoruckiIgor BoruckiIgor BoruckiIgor BoruckiIgor Borucki
And just between God and the truth, it is not Russia, but you ... are causing all these wars, including the Second World War, and specifically "your" bankers are. :o/ No, I have no a grievance. Such a world ...
Igor BoruckiIgor BoruckiIgor BoruckiIgor Boruckisubway
13`04`2018 / 02:34 Que belleza de canción ... Grande Valse Brillante :o)Igor Borucki Do not turn on the light, Nelly, please ... It's probably me - :o/ - "ungrateful" :o.
Damn, it's already four in the morning. I'm going to work soon. :o/ It's good that I'm sober though. :o) Ah, life ...
Igor BoruckiIgor Boruckisubwaysubwaysubway :o)

I'm sorry, Dorry, but I'm too tired. :O)subway :o. Reni?!
And by the way, for what purpose is it forbidden to read something, eh?
I recommend "mein Kampf" to everyone - he, he. And Ilma Husna and ... subway Checkmate? :o.

Do not connect John Paul II to this, because you will end up like him and this whole church of "Slyboots". There is no any excuse for him nor for those who blindly trusted Vatican. I bet on this with every human or angel.
They will try to connect to the Ghost of Truth and survive, but it will not able work to liars. I am very, very sorry. :o)
subwaysubwaysubwaysubwaysubway subwaysubway subwaysubway:o/

subway subway
subway subwaysubway
Etc., etc. ... And I already thought that when I finish with these fucking prime numbers, then I will die of boredom - he, he.
Katie? - Ha, ha! Oh my God ... It's all yours, Honey, okay? Become a man, equal to me. He wants it, my Brother. Bueno ... The Nexus? OK.
subwaysubwaysubwaysubwaysubwaysubway Halina? subway subwaysubwaysubwaysubwaysubway Oberschlesien ...
other day...
SBB subwaysubway :o/ Do You hear me? For sure? I'll be around ...
The Polish language is distracting me. I recommend to all the (((RadioRock))) Poles in Italian. :o)
It's time ...
If I did not survive. I was just only for a kindling. The Spirit is in You subway subway subwaysubwayIgor Borucki Igor Borucki
Yes, I can play on your feeling. And what?! :o/ For the son of God, nothing is impossible, the Sisters and Brothers. :o) ok. Silence, okay? I know what I'm doing, Edit. In spite of all.

subway subway subway
subwaysubwaysubway :o. I am gathering you there, do what you want. Ok? Has become. :o) Powiem Ci, Ukraińcu, pojebany dzikusie, co o Tobie myślę. Jesteś zwierzęciem. Chcesz być wolny. To zrozumiałe, ale nie w ten sposób, gówniarzu. Myślałeś, że Adolf Cię wyzwoli, dlatego nie wahałeś się rozbijać o mur polskich dzieci? How can, a moron, Poland would have forgot it you? On my knees in front of Poland, cham! What good have you done for Europe and the world, that you are lifting your head so high, eh? Do you want to Europe? Because so-called Europe tolerates it? Because she is fighting Russia? And I tell you, Ukraine, I do not care about shit ...
You curd Ukraine. I will not give you this way until you confess your sins. Amen.
And you, Europe, what do you want to build, a community or a brothel, eh?

Close the border to UPA! Immediately! Are you coming into Poland to protect a forest near Warsaw? And what about Volhynia, you hypocrites, what?

subway :o)

Nothing has been done with it for years, although the truth is recorded and confirmed. Are you waiting for the last witnesses death? The Germans have always liked everything that weakens Poland, which is not strange. For Russia in the USSR the truth was not convenient, because it is not without faultless in this area too. The Vatican was in a state of vice that through Ukraine it would expand Catholicism to the east. That's why politics is being made in Polish churches, but not a word about it. Europe has always wanted to defeat Russia, and now America has come further. And Poland,
like this stupid whore, can not live without a pimp. :o) And the Polish president has UPA roots. It's deliciously - click, click, lap, lap.
Excuse me, but I have to go, because I would have to kill you all. :o/ I love you, Katie ... and I will not stop - he, he.
Goodbye, my Love ...

Oh, because I would forget again. Of course, I was kidding.
I will tell you something more about life for relaxation - he, he.

Life itself is cruelly possessive. In order to seem completely innocent, the plant "terrorizes" atoms in the immediate area. :o/ And sucks in everything to live. Your own child is pushing into this world and it do not ask about the mother's health, or even whether she will survive it. Adolf Hitler's mother was a good, modest woman. :o/ And besides, which mother is not good? That's how it looks, unfortunately. Good God this world is fuck up, except women, of course. :o) And seriously, how could He bring us to life and show us what life is all about, if not through life? And by the way. There is a shortage of water in Israel. There not Arabs and Islam are their biggest problem. It is not surprising that they want to save their fucking life. Khazaria can not be rebuilt because of too strong Russia. Unfortunately, Poland was unlucky again. :o/ Zbyszek highlighted it well. :o) Well, we'll live, we'll see what's going to happen. On what do you want be complain about, we live at really interesting times, Katie - he, he.

Hold on, You God's Spark! subway Shit, a knife has opened by itself in my pocket, will you believe it? :o.
Do what you want, but it's You ... just created me.
                  BoruckiBorucki Who gives more ... :o/
Any lie will die a natural death. Warsaw to Hollywood ... :o.
BoruckiBoruckiBorucki Fly over ...
Fog ...
Righteous Among the Nations
Borucki BoruckiBoruckiBoruckiBoruckiBoruckiBorucki
"An ardent Catholic and Polish patriot proudly emphasizing his Jewish-Spanish roots." :o/ - He, he. Katie? I love this Jewry, seriously. :o) Ah, life ... Ask me, please ...
And by the way, so-called "Jewish Catholics" are double traitors to the God of Israel. :o/ Catholics have betrayed the Jewish God only once. (Ew. Mateusza 5:18, Biblia Tysiąclecia) Omen. Uff! ...
Borucki BoruckiBorucki

Fen-omen of the Jewish God

Well, human societies have always had their so-called "Gods." And these gods have fulfilled and fulfill an important role in the life of a given community, regardless of how much so-called "Atheists" would be sick for this reason. :o) Paranoia so-called The "Christian world" consists in the fact that in place of native gods, the God of Israel was implanted, often strangers when it comes to moral law, which developing and living like a ghost in this or that nation. Such a God is not independent of the natural conditions of this or that area. For this example, JHWH, God of the Jews, is a desert god ... which sends storms with rain, if he wants, stands to reason. Katie? Should I write next? - he, he. Alright. I will not spoil you with fun, especially since I do not have any interest in it. I will only tell you that there have mixed a mixture of human cultures on an unprecedented scale, and it all revolves around us like good and bad spirits. Of course, what more intelligent individuals of our species can use it, especially in the areas of power, what I learned from my brother Muhammad. Yes, he was a friend of the human species, especially his people, of course, and he reviewd the Jews intention before the Poles learned about the existence of Jesus Christ. Of course, no one will believe in Muhammad's sincere intentions, in a world completely dominated by Jews. Threfore I wish everyone a fun time! - he, he. Especially to Poles - ha, ha! The different God of the Lakes, and quite another God of the desert, Halina, ok? :o) And if you would have any doubts, Al-lach is a Slavic god. Seriously. :o) It is not a coincidence that Słowacki turned his spirit in that direction. Mickiewicz had the papal spirit. Podlec sent a paid killer on Julek. Forgive me, but I can not save this nation, until it cuts itself off - from the Vatican. :o/ Unless Katie tells me so, but I would not counted on it on place of Poles - he, he. Oh, my God. Ah, life ... I do not pity my life ... I just can not ... :o/ I do not have that power, forgive me, my countrymen. :o/ But now I have more serious problems on my mind. :o) In the end, I became the guardian of Paradise, yes, Katie? This is not a joke, my Dear - he, he. I agreed because of You. Forgive me. Forgive me, Father, if I'm a bit off, okay? I love them, I think, I think so - he, he. In any case, You have a priority, okay? :o) Believe me, I do not know anything. :o/
Besides, that I love you very much, God's Treasure. :o) Forgive me, my delirium. Ah, life ... :o) Anyway, you're a nice Girl, okay? Thank's.

Let's ask the aliens for their art, seriously - he, he. So I have the power to keep the Jews and destroy them completely. You're damned lucky that Katie is a Jew. :o) Only in Lviv. Of course, I was just joking, brothers Ukrainians - he, he. Lviv is ours, beloved. We can discuss the rest, okay? We will not defeat the Germans and Russians, but you will stay defet in three days. And what, suckers? Look after yourself. There will be no better opportunity. As you think, I was ready to give my life, okay? It's hard, it's a pity ...


Katie? The most interesting movie you've seen in your life is this ... with your participation ... in the main role. :o) Do not leave it, before the end of the cinema screening, please. :o/ Every human life is worth its weight in gold, that is information or truth, because each of us is a witness to the Truth or God, if you like, ok? Paint my dreams, please ...

We all live as if in a dream, everyone in their own fairy tale. This is due to the fact that no one was infallible neither will achieve infallible, as the popes have been lying since 1870. Let them lie, I do already not care about it. :o) The problem is that any brain needs a vision of the whole so that "it" can work in detail. And because no one is infallible, as popes lie :o), everyone creates their own fairy tale. There is nothing wrong with it, and it is even more interesting. The man is what he remembers and understands. If we all knew the whole truth and understood it, let us all would be the same and that it would probably be damn boring - he, he. Oh my God ... Perhaps that's why He created us, because He was bored with the all truth only in himself. Wot, wot ... :o) Who knows.
Borucki BoruckiBoruckiBoruckiBoruckiBorucki
BoruckiBoruckiThe problem is whether we want these fairy tales to become closer to each other, or if we want to terrorize the whole world only our fairy tale. I think so, probably, yes? And if so, then we already know the most important. All the rest are just small things. :o) Ok, that's all.

Borucki Borucki
A real voice ... All my Senses ... :o/ :o) - he, he. And so on, etc ...
I'm just wondering, how long can play with the truth ... Mr. President.

:o/ :o) - he, he
Katie, the whole world is watching ...

Ich hoffe, dass es mit diesen Primzahlen ein Humbug ist, weil du weißt, ich hatte eine wette ... für etwas damit, Robert, ok? :o)
Was wäre, wenn die Polen in gleicher Höhe wie die Ukrainer nach Lemberg umgesiedelt würden nach Polen? :o/
Wenn Sie die Ukraine in die Europäische Union bringen, werde ich selbst nach Lviv ziehen - he, he.

Und Lviv wird die Hauptstadt der Ukraine werden. Wir werden reparieren, was mein Onkel Stalin, wie die Juden, ruiniert hat - ha, ha!

Drei Mädchen? Oder vielleicht versteckt sich Katie in Lemberg, oder? :o/ :o. Siehst du, was du getan hast? - he, he.
Ja, ich hatte diesen Glück gehabt in meinem Leben, dass ich Katie in dieser psychiatrischen Einrichtung getroffen habe. :o)

Now, my name is no longer Thomas, Katie. It was: Tomek Kazik Zasada. :o/ Remains for ever and ever: Kazik Igor Borucki. :o) And I live on Bracka Street, okay?

LEGIA ! - he, he. WARSZAWA - ha, ha!
You'll Never Walk Alone. :o) Thanks. Wait a minute, but I like the lonely walks, Katie. And I like Liverpool very much, Darlings.

                            Blues on the beach

(Ap. 1:6, King James Version)

And if God is not a Jew, that how can the son of David, be His son, huh, Mr. Legutko?
I see, my brother, that you are a true philosopher, so you are getting the right question, right? :o/ Although I am only a peasant philosopher, but always, in spite of all. :o) Not at all. :o/
Katie? Call me, and I will tell you. :o) There is divinely - he, he. For nothing is secret, that shall not be made manifest; neither [any thing] hid, that shall not be known and come abroad. (Ew. Łukasza 8:17, King James Version)
Zbyszek? Collect all these documents, that is they will either kill us eventually :o/ or it will be very funny one day. :o) You have my word, Brother.
If God is not there, then our life have really fucked up. :o/ If, however, a just God of Truth exists, then I do not envy to all these gentlemen, seriously - he, he.

Anyway, Big dick for all the liars into their ass, no matter what the social ... position. :o) Amen.

Perdóname, Amigo mío, pero perdí los dientes y la ... motivación. :o/ Tengo muchos retrasos en matemáticas, así que no me aburriré. :o) Quién sabe, tal vez algún día ... Katie, no me mires así, por favor ...Yo no soy él, ?de acuerdo? Perdóname, ocho. Bye mi buen Amigo.
Espera a alguien más. Me bajo de este tren. :o) Dick me importa - he, he. Perdóname, Príncipe.

Y si quieres ver lo que quiero hacer con todos ellos, necesito tener un poco de ejército, ?verdad?
Bueno, eso es todo, pero eres el más sabio, ?verdad? Y nunca lo olvidaré por ti. Sí, sí, me enganaste, al igual que Katie. :o/
Lamento decir esto, pero tu comandante es un traidor. :o/ En mi trabajo, no discuto con el director, pero escucha atentamente lo que dice, ?de acuerdo? :o) Este es el bloqueador del espíritu de la verdad.
Siempre se puede pensar en una justificación, de una forma u otra. Y de repente se pone un poco sofocante, ?verdad? Bueno, eso es todo. No me arrepiento de sacrificar mi vida. Entonces, ?de qué se trata? ?
Confiesa sus faltas? :o/ ?Entonces él es infalible como el Papa? - he, he.
Ah, la vida ... El tiempo vendrá y para él. :o) THE LAST OF THE MOHICANS (Versions 3 ,2 ,1) Traición.

Energie Du verstehst, oder? Frage ich nach dem Unmöglichen? :o)
Deutschland ist eine großartige Nation. Schau nicht auf ihre schlechte Seite, sondern auf Goethe, Kant, Schopenhauer, Nichts und ... Charlotte. :o)(o:
Bevorzugen Sie italienische Küche, Katie? La tua parola e un oracolo per me, un raggio di Dio. Ti amo, tutto qui.
:o) Dorota, perdonami, Caro.
BoruckiBoruckiBorucki And what?
Menschen sind wie lebendiges Holz. Wasserdicht und unsinkbar, so etwas wie Granit, manchmal mit Flügeln. :o.
Jesus hat Unrecht, lass den Monolith in Ruhe. Lasst diese Menschen in Frieden leben und arbeiten.
Er erwähnte übrigens Frauen ganz anders als Paul. Aber er hat kein Wort über Demokratie gesagt. :o/
Du sprichst nicht ein bisschen mit mir, weil ich Schopenhauer wirklich mag, ok?

Weißt du, er hat nicht einmal gestritten. Seltsam, findest du nicht? :o/
Na und? Gott der Vater hat ihm nichts über Demokratie gesagt? :o/
Nicht dass ich ihn nicht mag, aber hier stimmt etwas nicht, findest du nicht?
:o) Ich werde dich nie verlassen. Sie müssen mich töten, Katie. :o/ Entschuldigung, Schatz.
Etc., usw.

Das ist Warschau, Geliebte. :o)
Brüder und Schwestern, es wird keine andere Gelegenheit geben.
:o/ :o)
- he, he
:o. Ein Freund meines Herzens,
bitte versuche das Bild von der Realität
zu unterscheiden.

Weißt du was? Nein, das ist großartig. Beata? :o) Ich weiß nichts, ernsthaft. :o/ Entschuldigung. :o) Nimm es nicht zu wörtlich, okay? Ich bin total betrunken. :o)
Was kann ich dir sagen, betrunken, oder? Ich kann, aber ich will nicht.
Ich werde schlafen, und du? - he, he. Morgen wird ein neuer Tag sein.
Morgen werde ich dir was sagen, okay?
Gehst du gerne zur Philharmonie?
Forgive me, but I think ... I lost my mind ... :o/

If I am to stay, I want to see on TVP1 the faces of people responsible for all the crashes that have fallen on Princess Dorotka. Quiero ver en TVP los rostros de los responsables de todos los accidentes que han recaído sobre la Princesa Dorotka. Voglio vedere su TVP i volti dei responsabili di tutti gli incidenti che sono capitati alla principessa Dorotka. Je veux voir sur TVP les visages des responsables de tous les accidents qui sont tombés sur la princesse Dorotka. Ich möchte die Gesichter derjenigen sehen, die für all die Unfälle verantwortlich sind, die Prinzessin Dorotka zugefügt haben. Ninataka kuona kwenye TVP nyuso za wale waliohusika na ajali zote zilizoanguka kwenye Princess Dorotka.
:o) That's all.

Only until 09/05/2018 and not a second longer, Katie. Then the end with this ... and I'm starting to look for you - he, he. Do not worry, I was just joking, okay? :o)

"I thank to heaven that in all my instincts I have remained a Pole" - Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche - Enouhg!

"Blogi internetowe zagrażają demokracji" - Barack Obama :o)
Yes, you live in this wonderful world, and you do not have to be ashamed of anything - he, he.